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Kristen Stewart in Jenny Lewis ‘Just One Of The Guys’ music video 

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Chanel - Métiers d’Art Paris‐Dallas

Happy 4th of July fashion nerds. We here at Blanc have decided to celebrate by taking a trip to the wild wild west with the ‘Métiers d’Art Paris‐Dallas’ collection campaign featuring ‘Twilight’ star Kristen Stewart.

The collection is comprised of skirts, dresses, boleros and more, all heavily  layered and ornate. 

Its fair to say, this is definitely a collection worthy of joining in with the revelry!

Kristen Stewart - One of the Best of Her Age Group

She doesn’t even have to speak.  Her emotions are all in her face and body language.  No.  I’m not joking.  I’m just not blind and a part of the Kristen Stewart lynch mob. Watch Speak, Welcome to the Rileys, and The Messengers and tell me shows no expression.  I’ll tell you you’re full of crap.